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A Life Well Lived

Jerry Watson





Made in Texas

June 24, 1942

Jerry was born on June 24th, 1942, in Clarksville, Texas. Over the next decade, he learned to fish, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors while moving with his family between Clarksville and several "no-name" towns, as he would put it, in west Texas and southern New Mexico. He landed in Garland, Texas, where he finished high school and attended the University of North Texas. 


During summer breaks from classes at UNT, Jerry worked for the US Forest Service in northern Idaho. His summers fighting forest fires were the source of countless stories, a life-long love of mountains and cold streams, and friendships that have stood the test of time. He looked back on those summers often, and over the years, returned with his friends to fish for trout and enjoy their shared memories.


After college, while working for Employer's Insurance and living at the Moors apartments, he met and convinced Linda Watson (Gornall) to look his way. They connected over hamburgers at Ray's Blue Note, and the rest is history. Jerry always considered it a minor miracle that Linda chose to marry him, and they moved to DeSoto in 1971, where they raised their son, Chris. Through the years, their house has been a warm home and location for family and friends to celebrate all manner of events. Linda and Jerry celebrated 52 years of marriage last April, a decision which he described as the best one he had ever made.


In recent years, Jerry enjoyed his role as Grandad to his two granddaughters, Zoe and Alexa. They listened to his stories and reflected his warmth and affection. He introduced both girls to several family traditions, including how to "properly" decorate Christmas cookies, a lesson they both uptook with vigor.      


Though his story has come to a close, his memory, kindness, and lasting effect on those who knew him will continue. Jerry was a good friend, a brother, a loving husband, a caring father, and doting grandfather. He loved his family, cherished his friends, and was grateful for his time on this earth. 


Here's to a life well-lived. 

His Life


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